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Founded in 2008 by Sharon Burnham, GardenVitals provides consultation and information customized for each client.  Sharon works with all types of gardens, with a particular focus on native plant gardens and wildlife-friendly habitats.

Sharon believes that even the smallest yard can contribute to a healthier ecosystem for all of us. In support of this guiding principal, Sharon is engaged in a number of projects:

- formed the Roanoke Region Chapter of Wild Ones;

- provided content, photos, and editorial assistance for the publication of the 116-page Guide to Gardening with Southwest Virginia Native Plants; 

- formed a working group to create the Roanoke Valley Native Plant Survey; and

- formed a working group to examine ordinances that may impact native plant gardens.

 Sharon also uses her knowledge and skills to assist the community in establishing native plant gardens, including designing the native plant "pocket park" established by Old Southwest, Inc., and advising The Arboretum at Virginia Western Community College, the Mountain View Community Garden, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke, and St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church on their native plant gardens.  

Sharon is also an in-demand speaker on a range of garden topics, including Beneficial Beauty: Native Plants to Awaken Your Garden; Native Shrubs for the Home Landscape; Edible Native Plants for the Home Landscape; Removing Invasive Plants; Proper Pruning; Small Fruit in the Garden; Extending Your Harvest; Growing Hydrangeas; Small Bulbs in the Garden; Container Vegetable Gardening; Gardens of Normandy; and others.

If you're ready to awaken your garden, GardenVitals can help you save money and garden smarter.

Explore two of my transformations

Courtyard Garden

Courtyard garden in 2010 before renovation

Initial Plantings in 2013

Completed plantings in 2019 with range of colors and textures

Woodland Garden

Empty Space in 2015

Completed installation in 2017

Maturing Landscape in 2020

Explore Other Garden Pictures

Goldenrod and Sedum

Yellow Spring Garden (Primrose, Toad Lily, Woodland Poppy, and Bellwort)

Spring Color

Vegetable and Ornamental Garden

Who sows a field, or trains a flower,  or plants a tree,  is more than all.

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