Service for Gardeners Everywhere

Customized for Your Garden

  • Garden Guides:
~  subject area (pruning, problems, etc.)
~  task list by zone (when to do what)
~  planting guides for edibles

  • Plant identification

Services in the Roanoke Valley

  • Evaluating contractor proposals
  • Plant identification
  • Trouble shooting specific plant problems
  • Pruning guidance and instruction
  • Garden Guides
  • Seminars and lectures
  • Soil Analysis
  • Design ideas
  • Edible landscaping
  • Vegetable and fruit gardening
  • Rain gardens

Gardening takes a plot of land, a hoe and willing muscles. 
Scratching the soil, harvesting garden fruits,
are peaceful results. 
With a garden, there is hope.

Grace Firth
Our Pricing*

We find a review of a typical yard can be done in about 90 minutes, which gives you the best value.

We can also put together a price package to provide ongoing assistance on request.

  • 60 min. consultation     $70

  • 90 min. consultation     $90

  • each additional 30 minute increment
  above 90 minutes is $25

*No fee for mileage within the Roanoke Valley. 

Why Grow it Alone?

When we come to your home, we'll have a detailed conversation about your garden, about your dreams for your garden, about what's bothering you, about the areas in which you most need advice.  We'll examine the "vital signs" of your garden and diagnose problem areas.  One visit may be enough, and you may feel you're ready to dig back into gardening with renewed enthusiasm. 

Perhaps you'll want continuing guidance ~ periodic "check-ups" so to speak ~ or ongoing instruction in specific areas of interest.  We'll put together a package that's tailored to your needs.  And so you don't have to remember everything, we can put together a customized care guide, an instruction manual just for your garden.  You'll have a sense of peace, knowing and growing your garden well.

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